Where do I fit in
God's story?

Where do I fit in Richmond's story?


Common Good RVA exists to create a network of Richmonders who are inspired to use their daily work to seek the common good of their city. 

What We Do

CULTIVATE: Inspire and equip existing leaders and institutions in Richmond to develop habits that foster the common good.

CREATE: Help Richmonders imagine and advance expressions of the common good through vocational initiatives in their spheres of influence.

CURATE: Celebrate and promote the stories and best practices of those advancing the common good, in Richmond and around the world.

COLLABORATE: Foster cooperation among vocations, industries, denominations, races, socio- economic classes, and neighbors across Richmond toward the common good.

CONVENE: Gather diverse cross-sections of people to explore how to bring renewal and flourishing to Richmond as they pursue their daily work. 

What We're About

Two key terms guide our work at Common Good RVA. Here's what they mean to us...

COMMON GOOD: Flourishing for all—to work for the common good of Richmond is to work in ways that promote the flourishing of everyone in our city.

VOCATION: The responsibilities, activities, and relationships to which we are called and which we pursue daily. 

How We Got Here

Common Good RVA is an idea born in the summer of 2012 when several faith communities decided to work together for the common flourishing of the city. Our first, two-day conference with 250 in attendance was held in January 2013. Since then we've held annual conferences and quarterly panels to help Richmonders explore how their vocations contribute to the common good.

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