The 5 Cs of Common Good RVA

The purpose of Common Good RVA is to create a network of Richmonders who are inspired to use their daily work to seek the common good of their city. We seek to cultivate leaders; create opportunities and vision; curate stories and best practices; encourage collaboration; and convene those who seek the common good of our city in their individual and collective work.

Think of it as a five-part Venn Diagram or a flow chart with a lot of arrows. These Cs overlap and feed into each other and as a whole, it is our aim to move Richmond—and those who live and work here—towards greater flourishing. 

1. CULTIVATE: Inspire and equip existing leaders and institutions in Richmond to develop habits that foster the common good.

We want to invest in those who desire to pursue, or are already pursuing the common good for our city through their work. Our investment looks more like fostering space for thought, ideas, discussion, and collaboration rather than being financial- or product-based. (See Create and Collaborate.)

2. CREATE: Help Richmonders imagine and advance expressions of the common good through vocational initiatives in their spheres of influence.

We believe that our work has value to God and to the ordering of his kingdom. We also believe that our work is not just for us, but for the flourishing of our neighbors and community. Towards this end, we want to broaden and deepen Richmonders’ understanding of how their daily work can be done in pursuit of the common good and how the daily work of believers is part of bringing God’s kingdom for all. We also desire to help Richmond's to find specific and concrete ways to use the vocation and gifts God has given them to pursue the common good. (See Collaborate.)

3. CURATE: Celebrate and promote the stories and best practices of those advancing the common good, in Richmond and around the world.

Our city is blessed with inspiring leaders and organizations that are pursuing the common good of Richmond and have been at this work for years. And there are folks across the U.S. and around the world who are exploring deeply what it means for our individual and collective work to bring flourishing to the communities in which we live—folks who are doing research and asking questions; risk-takers who pursue new initiatives, fail, and then try again; individuals whose daily work might seem mundane but in fact is holy service. CGRVA wants to amplify these voices and tell these stories so that we can be inspired, encouraged, and learn together. (See Create.)

4. COLLABORATE: Foster cooperation among vocations, industries, denominations, races, socioeconomic classes, and neighbors across Richmond toward the common good.

In our desire to pursue the flourishing of our city together, CGRVA provides forums for discussion, planning, and action. We bring people together around vocational fields (such as finance, healthcare, or the arts), or specific social topics such as public discourse and pursuing justice, so that we can dive deeply into the strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and opportunities we face together as we seek to bring flourishing to our city. (See Convene.)

5. CONVENE: Gather diverse cross-sections of people to explore how to bring renewal and flourishing to Richmond as they pursue their daily work.

Annually, we present a conference where we gather folks across neighborhoods, class, race, and faith community to listen, learn, discuss, and be inspired to continue in the daily work towards the common good. Past conferences have focused on women (and men) at work; finding our place in the world and in our city; and pursuing the common good in our every day lives. We envision this conference as a way to bring thoughtful and experienced leaders to Richmond, a place to highlight and learn from practitioners in and for Richmond, and an opportunity to network with others who share this vision. (See Cultivate, Create, Curate, Collaborate.)

Tiffanie is the Worship Arts Director at West End Presbyterian Church. She is a member of the Common Good RVA planning team.

Tiffanie Chan