Justin Whitmel Earley: "Make Habits, Not Resolutions"

Our 2019 keynote, Justin Whitmel Earley, shared some thoughts about habits and the New Year over at The Gospel Coalition a couple weeks ago.

A brief excerpt:

“As 2018 fades into 2019, the whole world is getting caught up in the dream of change. In a way, this is wonderful. There is common grace in a calendar that regularly presents us with opportunities to reconsider how we live. The flurry of resolutions made this time of year reminds us that we really do long to be made new.

But there’s also a dark side. We waste the redemptive desire to be made new on resolutions that have no power to change usThis week, many of us will make ambitious, sweeping resolutions; and in less than a month our collective amnesia will set in. Our hopes will be quietly discarded, and our remarkable capacity to forget will be the only thing that saves us from the embarrassment of it all.

So here’s a challenge for next year: Don’t make resolutions—make habits.

Unlike resolutions, we actually become our habits. There are no changed lives outside of changed habits. And if we want to actually change, we need to take a sober look at where our habits are leading us.”

We hope you’ll go read the whole thing.

Justin will touch on the subject of habits at our annual conference on March 16th. Registration begins soon—keep an eye out!